[World Championship] SKTelecom T1 vs G2 Esports Sunday, 03 November//2019 //12:00

[World Championship] SKTelecom T1 vs G2 Esports Sunday, 03 November//2019 //12:00

Match: SKTelecom T1 vs G2 Esports 03 Nov, 2019 //12:00

Pick: G2 Handicap -2,5 // = (To win 0:3)
Odds: 7.5
Stake: 2/10
Bookie: Bet36


Similarly like Invictus could not be always the best what proved yesterday so today can be similar. Unfortunately, one player plays poorly and there is a defeat.

The last matches were not perfect for SKT. Faker is not at the best disposal, although he is still the best player in the world (or at least one of the best).

Either way, G2 is very hungry in my opinion. And they can play the whole BO5 solidly if they really want to. That’s why my thesis is that if they win the first map then the second and third one can come much easier.

The course is very encouraging to take such a risk. 7.5 at bet365 to win -2.5 in the maps for G2 (that’s the same as winning 0:3)

Of course these are the finals so we all know that anything is possible. Good luck!


Interesting thinking, but your course is too small. I see about 10 and in MarathonBet you have 11.50 !

1:3 WOW G2 WON
but 1 map!

@fortnitemaniak good intuition. SKT was not itself, too many mistakes as for such so f* a pro player. […] G2 played really, really well

Generally, before the semi-finals, the course for winning G2 was about 10.

so now - China or Europe?