It is esports talks and the most essential e-gaming forum

We write concretely and on a given topic, we give information in appropriate sections for each sports game. Here we share our forecasts for the upcoming matches, knowledge and insights, taking into account the opinion of each individual.

We are open to your input, any changes, new ideas and various proposals for support and cooperation.

A new dimension to the esports discussions

Write short sentences, add concise but meaningful details. It doesn’t have to be beautiful. It is important to be specific. Base yourself on facts, statistics and reliable sources. We also count on clear comments, courageous theses and unconventional views.

Oversized and worldwide gaming world

Every games are important to us, but we focus on tournaments and competitions. Esports is our key motto and the most important determinant of the direction of the forum’s development. For sure, we also have a place for other discipline - after all, in a few years time of playing in the cloud almost every game will be based on the competition with the other player.

Culture of discussion and exchange of views

Criticize views, opinions and dry facts but never people. Address everyone with dignity!

You are so important to us

We look forward to meeting you. Every sentence is important if it flows straight from you. It is really good that you have your opinions or knowledge or information that can be helpful to others!

Technological capabilities

We have a lot of background so we ask you to help us to make this forum useful for many years. You can do it with us:

  • add any of your favourite entries to your own bookmarks and return to them at any time.
  • show your sympathy for the entries and contributions of users
  • mark entries that are not welcome on esporttalk
  • gain rank and earn real money (crypto / fiat)
  • create notifications on selected topics, notifications and sms notifications.
  • join and co-create an elite clozed zone

Let’s make this place a community of all players treating games in Olympic style

With each rank you gain new opportunities and the moderators and backers have the highest privileges. We are all responsible for this place.

Do not respond to inappropriate entrie. Do not feed the troll. It is only waste of energy and time on stupid behavior. All you need to do is to report it to us with one click on the flag. Depending on the scale of reports the result will be automatic or dependent on the decision of the administration.

Moderators and operators are not responsible for user content but I can remove or change it at any time.

Keep the order

Take care of good behavior in the forum. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Do not promote hatred or obscene or sexual content. Don’t harass or insult anyone, impersonate people, or defame their privacy. Do not send information to unwanted users.

We ask you to create topics in the sections designed for this purpose. Add appropriate tags to your entries. Do not duplicate content. Write your own words. Less is better!

Appreciate the others. Show that it is worth trusting you

Do not hesitate to give a liking for good content. Everyone wants to be appreciated and this is much better than writing a “thanks” word and some think like “+1” etc. in the commentary.
In categories that have such a possibility vote for Yes or No. Remember that you vote by informing others that you agree with a given topic or opinion.
Like (heart) you can give to anyone even if you do not agree with him but you know that the content increases the level of the whole discussion

Just write it your way. Don’t break the copyright. Do not post methods of stealing someone’s intellectual property or violating any other law, or do not do it yourself.

We’re building it together

The Forum is created together with the help of administration, moderators, elite group and sponsors. The more you participate, the more it will give you. Better competitions with prizes in the future. Greater prospects for earning money by extending the reach of each entry.
The forum will give you the opportunity to earn 100% of all donations that you will receive from the rest of the community in exchange for your contribution. In order to do this, we need to create a core that will take the rest of the geeks further in the right direction. The sooner the better and easier it is

Any doubts can be solved in the appropriate section of our forum. Also ask about non-gaming and non-Esperanto issues. You can also write a private message or contact us by e-mail. You can find contact methods on our contact page

Conditions for the provision of services

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