The whole Internet is joking about the Warcraft 3 - crowd psychology versus vanity?

The whole Internet is joking about the Warcraft 3 - crowd psychology versus vanity?

There’s some of that. There’s no end to the wave of hate. Partly right.
If I’m being honest. That’s a big exaggeration. Why do people follow everything so blindly and do something nasty just for the fan ? (I’m not saying that Blizzard didn’t deserve a beating. But that’s it? Everyone knows that no.)

A laughing stock interview with a blizzard employee about Reforged

The lowest rating of all metacritic games!


Buy it now. We don’t really promise anything. But the important thing is that we have fans*

even King Arthas has spoken out on the matter eh…

…and think that just a year ago, I promoted the wc4 uprising out loud…

Meanwhile, at Blizzard comapy , the event continues at its best


And we have our long-awaited old iconic but refreshing… the Frozen Throne!


I don’t really know what to think about it. It’s a funny fact. Is there satisfaction?

Or what else? Why do we fall into extremes more and more often ? Either top 10/10 (although it’s not very good) or 0/10 (although it’s not fair) ? Of course, I only mean those cases that are loud and clear, and which are definitely on time, not the usual ratings and reviews. Anyway, Gl & … have fun


Blizzard has been getting beat up by fans for a long time. How much can you keep showing such ignorance to your client? I’m not gonna remind you what happened on the scar because everyone saw it. Do a show. You have to know how to do it. There’s nothing from just talking. You have to listen to the community and not pretend to do it. A scar is certainly another example of how to screw up a great brand after all.

And it started out not so guilty. In my opinion, you should just do slowly what the scene wanted and reinvent the wheel. Look at the League of Legends . After all, this is actually a copy of the Blizzard idea and more Blizzard fans. Who didn’t like playing the first DOTA? After all, this was the first sign that Blizzard didn’t take advantage of the opportunities he had at every turn.


:smiley: :D:D

World of Warcraft Classic was quite warmly received, so Blizzard thought WC3 with a few improvements worthy of our time would be a hit. Something didn’t seem to play…

Fans have been waiting for the re-mastered version of the Warcraft 3 since the first announcement of this idea. The Warcraft 3 is a disappointment on many levels. It lacks the cutscenes that were promised and used as a key element of marketing, the game is buggy, it knocks players out to Windows, and the user interface is somehow made worse than the original. Besides, the remaster deprives the game of some of the original “fiches”, for which the players loved the old Warcraft.

You don’t know why, but Blizzard makes everything difficult. He has some absurd policy with regard to the creators of mods and additional content for his games. And that’s only about half the list of mistakes that led to the tragedy!


After all, it was a cult series. Don’t touch it!

Look at another cult game. We have heroes 4,5,6,7,8 and I don’t know how many more.

Which one is the best? The three? Why? Because it was made with extreme determination and passion. It’s something to leave and not to move. Because to do something better you have to really try and work hard for a year and two (I remember reading the statements of 3D0 creators with what love they described the process of game creation and development. Not what they’re doing now.


And why is metacritics an indicator of game quality? There are no other sites like this or what?

Is that what the people do? In part. There are always those. But I’ll send you the last entry that gives you food for thought.

"blizzard has just informed us that the Bali tournament is being moved to Los Angeles and as a compensation we will receive $250 :D:D A week ago I bought a fly ticket for ~ 1000 USD and a hotel booking . I’ve been trying to be sympathetic to the Blizzard ( be reformed) for a long time and not writing toxic but it is impossible…They’re fucked up and that’s it. "

So how come we’re not surprised? Unfortunately, some companies completely give a total shit for their clients… And I guess they don’t even respect each other, they just…


Due to the difficulties in travelling to Asia caused by the coronavirus

Ah, those obstructions. I don’t know if this virus is worse or Blizzard himself…

Blizzard decided to move the Masters Tour in Hearthstone from Bali to Los Angeles.

The competition in Indonesia is an important point in Hearthstone’s calendar. From 22-24.03 the tournament was supposed to have 300 players from all over the world. No wonder that a month before the tournament players had already booked hotels and bought plane tickets.

I wanted to try out a business class for the first time, so I decided to go for more expensive tickets. I paid 9600 PLN (2250 euro) for them, and now you are telling me that I will get only 250 dollars in compensation? And all this a month before the tournament. Is this a joke? - wrote on the twitter a83650.

No, I don’t believe it. Really, after all this Reforged blizzard doing that? So hard to admit your mistakes and pay for them? …

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