Manchester City, becomes a partner of the North American sports organization FaZe Clan

Master Premier League Manchester City has announced a partnership with one of the most popular structures in the world, both in the sports and lifestyle world, FaZe Clan. Manchester City continues its growth and diversification strategy by investing in professional e-sport organisation, mostly famous for its presence on the scene of Counter Strike and Call of Duty shooters

The partnership between Manchester City and FaZe Clan focuses primarily on working together to bring together fans from both organizations to deliver tangible benefits for all. Interestingly, in 2017, both teams have already collaborated on YouTube content.

As we can read on the Manchester City website, it has already been officially confirmed! It’s a fact. English football club Premier League partner of the leading team of the E-sport scene - FAZE CLAN

Among other organizations that have decided on similar business solutions are, among others, Montpellier Hérault Sport Club operating with the French structure beGenius ESC or npLOSC eSports cooperating with MCES (a company in Marseille, also in Fancji).

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