[Esports Championship Series] AVANGAR vs Ninjas in Pyjamas 11/29/2019

[Esports Championship Series] AVANGAR vs Ninjas in Pyjamas 11/29/2019

Match: ECS 8 , AVANGAR vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Odds: 2.17
Stake: 2/10
Bookie: Bet-at-home

AVANGAR playing with EG scored 10-16 on Dust 2 and were not worse than their rivals in many ways - one or two murders in several critical rounds and this luck would have turned to the side of the Kazakh team. AVANGAR played extremely well given the strength of their rival.

NIP losing Mirage 4-16 like failed team - this weak idea of the bomb when they played on the side of the terrorists. Shooting skills failed when it was most needed. NIP reached the finals of Blast Pro Copenhagen, received a bonus from the bookmaker, and recently people have greatly overestimated their skills. For us typists it’s very good. Btw there are rumors that one or more players have been transferred to a new Swedish team, although so far nothing has been confirmed or denied.

NIP will block Vertigo and AVANGAR will block Nuke. There is a good chance that AVANGAR will choose Dust 2. The second good alternative to AVANGAR is MirageNIP ‘should’ choose Inferno, taking into account. After analyzing the maps played by both teams, the Overpass game is very similar. And here I would risk Avangard.

You can try Live. But you can do it before the match. Encouraging course. Bet-At-Home sleeps and we play there as well.