xD - Antoine Griezmann created his own eSports team

xD - Antoine Griezmann created his own eSports team

I like these guys. They have to gain impetus :smiley:

Antoine and Theo Griezmann now also want to find their place in virtual sports.
The project called Grizi Esport will compete on Fortnite, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO and FIFA.

The question is whether they will have enough enthusiasm to make it all really take off ???

FC Barcelona’s celebrity attacker and his brother Theo will act too much in the marketing field and in the management of the entire organization. Of course, the player himself will be mainly a marketing face, but his passion for playing is not known. Anyway, this trend is known among many world football stars

Griezmann is not the first footballer to discover eSport for himself. Neymar, Ruud Gullit, Christian Fuchs, Marco Reus and, for example, Mesut Özil associated with M10 eSports also create or join emerging organizations. Among the games is most often - which surprises me - FIFA and Fortnite.

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