Where did Fortnite success come from? Will Counter Strike be number 1 for years to come?

What do you think? Will Counter Strike continue to reign like number one in global ESPORTS ?? The factors of recognition and the gameplay itself speaks for that BUT…

But don’t the times change drastically? Will the market of games and rivalry soon be completely reversed? Nothing lasts forever as it can be heard in many songs and read in many quotations.

Fortnite has many opponents, it is even considered a production for children, but there is one key thing - one can draw joy from it without any special skills. In addition to the main mode of the game there are also side modes, such as creative mode, and what’s more, we can perform missions for which we will be rewarded with skins. Meanwhile, CS:GO is like in a forest, because for unknown reasons there hasn’t been any new big operation for over two years. The creators were clearly resting on their laurels, although for some time now more and more is happening in the ranks of Valve.

The reaction of the American company to the falling popularity bars was the introduction of an internal battle royale called Danger Zone. Valve has taken action. The mode was enriched with new elements, a second location was added, and even allowed players to gain rank Developer has warmed up its image a bit, but one move does not overshadow the years of lazy and unattractive players with virtually no valuable news. At the moment we have only three maps in our new matchmaking pool - Ruby, Breach and Seaside. None of them belongs to the official pool of tournament maps, which does not help in promotion.

Isn’t it a bit late though? Isn’t it the case that sooner or later the population of the older generation brought up on Counter Strike in Internet cafes and parties will shrink and the change of trends is only a matter of time?

I encourage you to discuss here !

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That’s a good question and I don’t think anybody knows the answer. See what happened recently with Apex. In just a few weeks the popularity has been massacred.

They jumped Fortnite and CS together. As soon as they got out, they fell so fast.

There is no rule here. You build a position for years - sometimes you have to work hard to change it all of a sudden. Sometimes, however, it is enough to “do nothing” or rest on one’s laurels and the catastrophe is ready.

In my opinion Counter Strike will defend himself and will remain as a tycoon on the market.
Although it’s not as sure as the fact that Google will be the leader in search engines. There are various cases, but if it were to happen within 1 - 2 years, I would consider it a sensation.