Where can i betting WC3?

Where can i betting WC3?

I wonder where you can currently bet on matches in the Warcraft? We have some tournaments all the time. Second rank, but still. The esl league is coming up soon too. On Back To Warcraft Channel, there are often transmissions of cool matches. But in general it’s always hard for me to find a bookmaker where I can bet on on these matches.

I’ve seen places like betsson, ggbet and arcanebet but these are rather occasional events. You know something?

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there were more bets available in the past.

For the last new year tournament they had bets for Group A and then no bet for the rest of the tournament.

Its really odd, maybe with reforged it will change again

I think that reforged may not change much. In fact, people are already complaining. Because the changes are too small to be expected.

But the scene changes and the whole game will be taken over by other organizations like ESL, which has already announced the league for both Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2. It would be good if there would be another player who would add some competition.

And the matches? In the pinnacle there are sometimes betting offer for the Warcraft, but it’s rather for bigger events like WCG.

From lesser known somethink like buffbet, lootbet or unikrn. But these companies are new and exist relatively briefly so you have to think about whether it’s worth it and what you can trust them with. Life teaches you to always keep an eye open.