What's going on with PUBG? The current championship was watched by 4 times less spectators!

Compared to the previous year, this is 76 procent lessviewers of PUBG Global Championships in 2018 ! (YoY).

data from esports charts
Peaks of PUBG events:

  • PGC2019 - 186k
  • Nations Cup 2019 - 470k
  • PGI2018 - 759k


When I read the official forum of pubg fans you can see different opinions. There are a lot of negative opinions. And worst of all. Moderators delete uncomfortable information.

I think that a modern company should listen to the player, it is for him a game and not for the creators. I am afraid that the game may start to lose popularity and similarly to Apex Legends.

It looks like they slept through a very important time when it was going well. They rested on their laurels too fast…