What was behind the Ninja pornographic stream incident?

Former Vice President Twitch said what was behind the Ninja incident

Justin Wong commented on the pornographic content scandal on Fortnite streamers - he believes this results from a long internal conflict within the company. Wong has been working with the Twitch community and partners for over six years, so he knows a lot of “details” in the background. When Ninja went to Mixer, the Twitch administration used the channel to promote other streamers using an experimental algorithm.

On August 11, the list of recommended channels included the Russian pornographic stream, which was watched by almost 15,000 viewers. After the incident, the Twitch administration turned off the algorithm and restored the channel to its original form.

There is no need to guess the reaction of Ninja …

Action gives rise to reactions. Normal turn of things. It was not a coincidence. The question is who will really gain and who will lose.


Typical situation. Someone here is pretty upset and will not be able to recover for a long time.

Anyway, I respect that Ninja :3rd_place_medal: