Welcome to new view of the e-gaming world

Welcome to new view of the e-gaming world

Independent experts from e-gaming world. Unique betting insiders for eSports competition.

Professional bets, predictions , business analytics and esports highlights.

You’ll find the unconventional talks about gaming houses and e-sports academies. Motions from major events and tightening gamers relations. Closed elite professional esports zone only for informed bettors.

The esporttalk.org is:

  • Forum for every fan of esports competition wanting not to miss out the gaming prime times
  • Zone of good betting tips and analyses that want to outsmart the bookmaker
  • Places for players - occasional and professionals. Group formation. Exchange of experience
  • Space for building business relations and networkin on the prospective computer games industry
  • Free promotion space for streamers, creators - for fun or for promotion of your own brand.

What do you find here?

  • Betting proposals and analysis of the most interesting matches.
  • Esports picks and information from insider sources.
  • Many valuable tips and information from trainers, mentors and the business world of esport.
  • Open discussion about favorite games and new releases.
  • New friendships, teams and support for local tournaments.
  • Selected best player actions, best from the best of tournaments

Esports isn’t just only epic emotions and crazy skills . We want to provide you with meaningful analyses and key experts predictions