WC3 Huya Super League // Happy vs Sok , Today 12 Jan, 2020 · 13:00

WC3 Huya Super League // Happy vs Sok , Today 12 Jan, 2020 · 13:00
4.5 2

Match: Happy vs Sok 12.01.2020 13:00

Pick: Sok
Odds: 2.83
Stake: 1/10
Bookie: ggbet


Happy is one of the best players in recent years and has won the title of leader for both th000 and moon. However, I would be far from saying that he will be the undisputed leader for the coming months still. The last finale was not as convincing as the 3:1 score itself. TH000 was a bit too late in the match, which is its strength, but apparently not with an opponent like Happy. He is also a very clever player. But is he mechanically as good as Sok. I doubt it. In my opinion, Sok could be the next another legendary player like Lyn. That’s my opinion.

Normally Happy wins, but on a good day, Sok can win. The last time Sok won 2:1 with Happy (WGL Finals). The statistics are leaning towards Happy and therefore the odds are much too small. I’m risking on Sok because in gg.bet we have a really tempting odds to win it - 2.83

Can you find somewhere more detailed information about this tournament? Are there any other privileges besides cash prizes ? in my opinion Sok has a lot to prove