Top 10 games with Twitch records of the biggest audience

When will the next record be set and what game will it be in?

It is interesting to note that this year (2019) only two games made it to the top ten and these are relatively unknown titles to a wider group of players. It is KHOLAT

and Kathy Rain

games that managed to attract attention of 275 thousand and 336 thousand spectators in one moment.

On the first place is already over 1.5 years of memorable January 2018.

On the first day of the new year, almost 1/3 billion people watched all PUBG channels!

What’s interesting and thought-provoking, the second place belongs to the result from three years ago for the DOTA2 game. This result is much smaller because it is “only” 1,291,000 spectators, which is about 2.5 times less than the leader of the ranking.

The oldest leader when it comes to e-sport games, legendary game of all internet cafes Counter-Strike is on the 3rd place. Has the stagnation but also long-term stability been with this title forever?

This is what the ranking looks like:

Game Number of simultaneous audiences Date
Dota 2 1291328 03/01/2016
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 850485 04/01/2016
Fallout 4 471955 11/01/2015
Grand Theft Auto V 360761 04/01/2015
HITMAN™ 2 356867 12/01/2018
Kathy Rain 336132 05/01/2019
MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD 329333 08/01/2018
KHOLAT 275043 02/01/2019
PAYDAY 2 247628 06/01/2017
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