The most important transfers in the CS:GO teams

1 August 2019

The line-up of CS: GO left Michał OKOLICIOUZ Głowaty

The Russian club decided to terminate the agreement with the Pole.

Michał will replace Paweł Baliński in in May 2019.
However, the results with him were weak. Virtus Pro took only second place at the ESL Polish Championships - Spring 2019 and did not even win the Moche XL Esports 2019 tournament.

Current composition:

  • Arec Vegi Navoi
  • Janusz Snax Pogorzelski
  • Michał MICHU Muller
  • Michał snatchie Rudsky

LDLC will play without Alexander Forte (Xms) and Rodolfo Bianco (roden) .

It is likely that the e-sportsmen will be replaced by Engin MAJ3R Fonts or Christoph SIXER Xia.

In recent matches in ESEA Advanced, LDLC has lost its chance to join the strongest ESEA division, MDL. Currently the team is on the 77th place in the ranking.

Players in LDLC now:

  • MAJ3R
  • Vincen Happy Schopenhauer
  • Christoph Sixer Xia

2 August 2019

Owen smooya Butterfield and Johannes nex Maget will replace Denis denis Howell and Fatiha goba b Dake in BIG

Gob b is a German award-winning player who started the professional scene in 2007. He played in mousesports , ESC Gaming , ALTERNATE aTTaX or NRG Esports.

The BIG team in the lineup with:

  • Owen Smooya Butterfield
  • Johannes nex Maget
  • Johannes tabseN Wodarz
  • Kang XANTARES Durtkardes
  • Titian tiziaN Feldbash

4 August 2019

Pujan FNS Mehta and Jonathan Jonji Carey became a member of Riot Squad CS: GO.

  • Mitch Mitch Semago
  • Pujan FNS Mehta
  • Peter ptr Gourney
  • Austin crashies Roberts
  • Jonathan Jonji Carey

6 August 2019

Joao KillDream Ferreira left the Giants Gaming team.

There are only 3 players on the FOX team at the moment :

  • Ricardo Fox Pachec
  • Ricardo RMM Oliveira
  • Christopher MUTiRiS Fernandez

9 August 2019

MSL team said goodbye to Ishmail Ali’s refrezh and accepted to the line-up of Rene cajunb Borg

As we can read on Twiter, Cajunb is more suitable for the band in terms of skills. The player has great potential for a great future in e-sports.

Actual squad:


  • Casper Ruggah Dew


  • Nikolay Niko Christensen.
  • Renee Cajunb Borg.
  • Christian k0nfig Wieneke
  • Matthias MSL Lauridsen

14 August 2019

Heroic has a new 25-year-old coach, LOMME Nielsen. We read it on the official website of the organization.

LOMME has begun his career in CS: GO in 2013. Worked for Team X , North Academy ,Team Refuse and Tricked Esport. The Danish-American earned a total of $20,700 as a cash prize.
An interesting fact is that Alexei Xaoc Kucherov requires the employees to communicate in Danish and therefore among other things the choice was made by Nielsen.

19 August 2019

PashaBiceps goes to AGO Esports

Together with Patrick Sidney Korab and Adrin SAYN Losczynski Yaroslav pashaBiceps Jazhombkowski joined the AGO Esports team in CS: GO for a test period.

Jazhombkowski started his career in 2004. He played for Polish mixes and teams, including Pentagram G-Shock, AGAiN, Frag eXecutors and ESC Gaming. From 2014 to 2019 he was a player and with the last team (Youngsters) he qualified for several online tournaments but did not receive any prizes.

The AGO Esports team had to leave: Eric leman Kocheba, Milos mhL Knasyak and Olek Hades Miskievich.

Composition of AGO Esports:

  • Dominic GruBy Swidersky
  • Adrin SAYN Lonchinsky
  • Patrick Sidney Corab
  • Jarosław Pasza Biceps Jazhombkovsky
  • Damian Furlan Kisłowski

Friberg left Heroic team

Born in 1991, Swedish pro currently has no club. He joined the club in February 2018 after a short spell with OpTic.

During his 18-month term with Heroic, since February 2018 Friberg has been able to win against TOYOTA CS:GO Bangkok and the Games Clash Masters 2018

Current Heroic line-up :

  • b0RUP
  • es3tag
  • BlameF
  • stavn

Fnatic talking to Heroic about Fribourg’s transfer. This is not officially confirmed.

SuNny will join ENCE eSports after StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

Player will replace Alexi Aleksib Virolainen right after the tournament. Debut already during BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 on 13-14 September.

ENCE has confirmed that a suNny has been admitted to the team.

Sniper Miikka “suNny” Kemppinwill take the place of Alexei “Aleksib” Virolainen.