The 3 most profitable league of legends tournaments

1. World Cup LOL 2018 - 6.450.000 $

Place of the finals:

Brilliant finals and a multitude of surprises. The tournament itself attracted many sponsors and generated a lot of money.

The winners gained 37.5% of the total prize pool, which is as much as $2,418,750 for Invictus Gaming!

2. World Cup in LOL 2016- $5,070,000

Place of the finals:

There were 16 teams in the tournament. A very large prize pool as for 2016, with Acer as the main sponsor.

The winning team - SK Telecom won 40% of the pool, i.e. $2,028,00

3. World Cup in the League of Legends 2017-4 $496,969

Place of the finals:

Every LOL World Cup is a big event in the e-sport calendar. Almost 5 millions divided among 24 teams. Undoubtedly, it was a great stimulus for the development of the entire eGaming market in the world.

Samsung Galaxy as a winning team won $1,855,114 which is 37.5% of the total pool.

The 2019 LOL Cup is ahead of us and the main duel will take place in Paris.

The prize pool for now is unknown but the tournament already has 3 key sponsors. They are the Mastercard , Alienware and Secretlab