Team Liquid signed up as America's first team with 4 LCS champion titles in a row


The Detroit Evening was one of the most important in the history of the League of Legends Championship Series. Team Liquid broke the record. Players did something nobody has ever done in the American league before - four consecutive champion titles.

The most important game of the season was not only about the cup but also about glory and proving who’s the best in America.

At the beginning of the first meeting it was Team Liquid who collected the killings, both on the top and bottom alley. Compuse Cloud 9 was a mismatch. Easy Baron a Liqiud won the game in 30 minutes, which is a very fast match In the second game Cloud 9 fought a more even fight. Much better choices during drafts resulted in interesting fights especially around the bardon. Cloud 9 was able to gain a solid advantage at times. However, it was the two Barons who decided that the match finally ended with the result of winning the TEAM again.

In the third game Cloud 9 took advantage of the benefits of destroyed fortifications and having two mountain dragons. The Baron opened the way for them to the Nexus of the Double-Life team. We have 2:1 , the battle lasted 25 minutes.

The fourth and last match belonged to Jensen. He chose the final counter to Qiyane, which was in the hands of Nisqy - LeBlanc. As the 30 minutes approached, the first Baron fell prey to them. The game was already decided at that moment. Shortly afterwards, the C9 base was destroyed.

Team Liquid vs Cloud 9