Summary of the match Ence vs Vitality

Ence vs Vitality , Final Result 2:0 30.08.2019 15:30

The first match started on Nuke, one of ENCE’s best maps. Finland has a very strong start from the terrorists who raced for the 5-1 lead. Vitality has proved to be very stable and has combined winning the second half of the gun, Alexi “allu” Jalli wins 3 frames and that’s the end because Vitality returned to the game. The French side gains a lead for the first time in the game, but it won’t take long. The flawless first round of the gun set ENCE in the right direction and Jani “Aerial” Jussil set a new record in Major.

Vitality will burn out 2 rounds of opening on Dust2, but when ENCE had the money the dynamics of the game changed. ENCE has put even more pressure on its opponents to win the second half of the gun again, the attempt to return the French was unsuccessful.