Summary of the match , Astralis vs NRG Esports, 30.08.2019 18:45

Astralis vs NRG ,30.08.2019 18:45, Final Result 0:2

COUNTER-STRIKE: StarLadder - Berlin , Germany

My man of this match:

As the matches of Astralis and NRG we already know that we have much longer overtime to play.

NRG started with impetus and was convincing in the first half. Score 10-5 And the bookmakers change the odds diametrically.

All NRG players played very solidly and consistently. In the second part of the game Astralis returns to the game, but in the end a long overtime because 4 times is repeated in favor of NRG.

It was a gruesome 29 overtime plays. In the key action Brehze was able to sacrifice himself for a triple homicide, giving his team an advantage over the rest of Astralis. After this gruelling game, Astralis seemed to have given up.

Who would have thought that NRG would defeat them. The second game was fast and the most deserved victory for the team from the United States.