Summary of the great tournament - V4 Future Sports Festival

During V4 Future Sports Festival took place last weekend, a total of prizes worth 350 000 EUR was given.

A total of 8 000 participants competed. 21 000 thousand people watched the competition.

The total number of Internet users in two days is about 2 million online.

One of the biggest competitions, including the regatta of Europe, took place in the 340 m2 hall. On the 21st and 22nd of September, the best e-athletes from the Visegrad countries were able to show their skills, but teams from many other parts of the world were invited. Numerous competitions, lectures, and free programs were waiting for the visitors.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as you know, Tricked won by being better than Virtus pro.

In other e-sports, there is a Slovak winner in Fortnite - Tomas Hutnik (iG. Fennix) and Norbert Paulovcak (churaq iG.Dext) while Martin Mészárics (PyKo) and Milan Kalauz (Nova) took second place.

Patrik Blazsán won the Gran Turismo competition while Maciej Stegienko (WHY), won the Tekken 7 .