Summary of the 1st day of the New Legends Stage matches in Berlin

During the first day Major in Berlin, a several surprises were brought to light. The MIBR’ victory over Ninjas in Pyjamas is one of them. The interesting thing is that Coach Wilton “zews” Prado, shot fifteen frag in a Swedish match**. From now on, the Brazilian team will compete against ENCE.

Natus vincere vs G2 Esports

NaVi with quite a dominant half of CT on de_overpass but it was also a great KennyS’ match with AWP, which was a very good one.

MIBR vs. NiP

MIBR started the game very well. In the middle of the game the Swedish team returned to the game with a score of 12-12 but this was not enough for MIBR


Easy game for ENCE. The team didn’t show anything to surprise their rivals.

Astralis vs. DreamEaters

DreamEaters is a team that many people wanted to see against the background of the best. At first the Russians resisted, but it was the Danes who won.

NRG vs Renegades

It took 30 rounds to determine the winner. The real game started in the second half where the Australian started to win the rounds but NRG won with more composure in the key moments of the game. First challenger to beat the legend in this year’s tournament

Liquid vs CR4ZY

The North American team proved what it means for a rival the best tournament team. The match was played on de_mirage. Both teams did better in the CT team, but Team Liquid wants to raise the trophy in 2019.

Vitality vs North

The French showed why they are the second best team in the world. The team won with a great strategic approach and it was relatively easy for them. Only in the next stages will we see what Vitality can do.

FaZe vs Mousesports

Mousesports didn’t look good in this game. Faze was taking over the rounds and making the most of it. The dominant demonstration of the skills of the American team from FaZe Clan.

Round 2

Team A vs Team B
Renegades vs Avangar
Natus Vincere vs DreamEaters
Ninjas in Pyjamas vs CR4ZY
North vs mousesports
Liquid vs NRG
FaZe vs Vitality
Astralis vs G2