StarLadder Berlin Major 2019

Tournament offline, Germany
The actual 2019 total prize pool: $1 000 000

Official Site:

Sponsor: StarLadder

Duration: 28.08 - 8.09 2019

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Average age and the youngest players of this year’s Major in Germany

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re coming back from vacation, wake-up call. School, work - whatever

Tomorrow StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 starts in two regions - NA and EU.

This is well thought out. Because the tournaments will be held on the same day but not at the same time. In the morning we will be able to follow the games of teams from NA and then the European teams will enter later. I rub my hands together!

Major ( USA )

Group A

  • United States NRG Esports
  • Brazil Sharks Esports
  • Brazil Team One
  • United States Team Singularity

Group B

  • United States eUnited
  • Brazil FURIA
  • Brazil INTZ
  • Brazil Luminosity


  • 10:00 - NRG vs TeamOne
  • 10:00 - FURIA vs INTZ
  • 11:15 - Singularity vs. Brazil Sharks
  • 11:15 - eUnited vs Luminosity
  • 12:30 - a winnings match of group A
  • 12:30 - a winnings match of group B

Major EU

Group A

  • Serbia - CR4ZY
  • European Union - mousesports
  • European Union - NoChance
  • Germany - Sprout

Group B

  • Sweden - Ancient
  • Germany - BIG
  • Sweden - fnatic
  • Denmark - North


  • 16:00 - Union mousesports vs. Union NoChance
  • 16:00 - North vs BIG
  • 17:15 - fnatic vs Ancient
  • 17:15 - CR4ZY vs. Sprout
  • 6:30 p.m. - Group A winnings match
  • 6:30 p.m. - Group B winnings match


August 23 - 26


August 28 - September 1


September 5 - 8

All matches live on , nad via GOTV

Valve encourages you to purchase Viewer Pass tickets with the option to receive coins.
Receive gifts from the event in Berlin. Purchase your Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass ticket through Steam or in-game and unlocks exclusive Berlin 2019 gift packages.

Support your favourite teams and players. 50% of the revenues from stickers and tickets are used for matches and organisations participating in the StarLadder Berlin Major. Add your own bets to the Pick’Em Challenge tournament! You can find detailed information about spectator tickets, gift packages and Pick Challenge on the website:

It is worth noting that the current ladder is not everything, there are qualifications for the stage of New Legends Stage (it’s just for those not initiated)

Eight of the best teams will be promoted and will enter the game on August 28th. MIBR, Team Liquid, Renegades, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Astralis, ENCE, Natus Vincere, and FaZe Clan will enter the competition 28.08 with them (finalists from Katowice).

12:00 NRG Esports - DreamEaters NRG 1.19
12:00 Team Vitality - Syman VITALITY 1.11
13:15 G2 Esports - TyLoo TyLoo 2.7
13:15 North - INTZ eSports INTZ eSports 4.16
14:30 FURIA - HellRaisers FURIA 1.42
14:30 mousesports.CS - forZe forZe 2.44
15:45 AVANGAR - compLexity Gaming complexity 2.21
15:45 CR4ZY - Grayhound Grayhound 3.09

and this is the ladder

I’m just mesmerized as hell. Seriously, I’m always looking forward to the major companies and now I finally understand how “regular” sports fans feel when the big tournament begins.

Less than 2 hours to the end!

table after Stage Day 1:


56 rounds in the second game CR4AZY vs NORTH . It was insane! :chart::green_heart:

The halfway point of MAJOR is coming to an end. A small summary.

There are five teams that will play in the next phase of StarLadder Major Berlin 2019, as well as five that will no longer play in the capital of Germany.

G2 Esports, North, NRG Esports, Mousesports and CR4ZY -> teams that have advanced to the next phase of the Major in Berlin.

FURIA Esports, Complexity, INTZ, TYLOO and HellRaisers -> this five teams that will not play in the rest of the tournament in the capital of Germany:

Today’s games:

Date Hour Match
26.08.2019 12:00 Syman Gaming – AVANGAR
26.08.2019 15:15 forZe – DreamEaters
26.08.2019 18:00 Team Vitality – Grayhound