Six Major Raleigh proved that Rainbow Six can generate 2.8 millions viewss

Biggest R6 event in this year proved that Rainbow Six can generate as much as 2.8 million hours of watched on the main channel.

This year’s Raleigh Major had a much stronger average Twitch viewership of 37K CCV, compared to 26K CCV last year. That’s about 30% more. The expansion of the Rainbow Six professional tournament audience can further enhance the value and benefits of the brands, teams and tournament organizers involved.

I’ve been playing this game for 2 years and it’s really well thought out. It’s not just a mindless shooting like in the cs but you have to constantly work hard with your gray cells. This is great and I hope that the whole world of esport will go in this direction!

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do you have data on similar games of this type?