Short summary of the last matches, StarLadder 2019 - Day 4

For those who haven’t watched / haven’t got time for Challengers Stage - DAY 4

CR4ZY VS DreamEaters

DreamEaters played very well on de_inferno and won 16:12. Another map is de_dust2 and as it turned out this team managed to equalize the second map with a score of 16:11. The decisive game for this de_Mirage is a game with a score in favor of CR4ZY. CR4ZY will be promoted. A very good match behind us, who has not seen it, see the shortcuts.

CR4ZY 2:1 DreamEaters

  • 12:16 Inferno
  • 16:11 dust2
  • 4:11 mirage

Team Vitality VS Hellraisers

Team Vitality was in a poor shape, Zywoo did not cope with his opponents as he got used to it but still on INFERNO - the map chosen by HellRaisers we will see the result 16:8 in favour of Team Vitality. On dust2 Zywoo did 18 kills and the game ended with a result of 16:11 . Nice game anyway.

Team Vitality 2:0 Hellraisers

  • 4:8 Inferno
  • 4:11 mirage

NRG VS VS Avangar

The first choice was a map of Train, it was a selection of favorites that is NRG, Avangar chose dust2. On the first map - de_train 16:8 on the second one - dust2 - 16:4 NRG wins without any problems.

NRG 2:0 Avangar

  • 16:8 Train
  • 16:4 Dust2

Grayhound VS Complexity

Experience won The first map went to the account of the Australian team with the result 16:11 (dust2), the second also, but here more one-sided result - 16:4 (Inferno)

Grayhound 2:0 Complexity

  • 4:11 Dust2
  • 16:4 Inferno

G2 VS forZe

G2 has selected DUST2, ForZe Inferno, and the third map is Overpass. G2 won 2:0 so we don’t have 3 maps. And it was supposed to be so exciting. The first match with overtime ended with the result 28:26, the second inferno game already 16:12. It is G2 that will advance to the next phase of the tournament.

G2 2:0 forZe

  • 28:26 dust2
  • 4:12 Inferno

Syman Gaming VS Furia esports

The main favorite to 0-3 takes the Fury. The first map is the train chosen by Syman, the second is Inferno chosen by the Brazilian team and the third is Overpass. Syman defeated his opponent 2:0 (16:9 train, 16:7 inferno). Syman surprised me positively.

Syman Gaming 2:0 Furia esports

16:9 train
4:7 p.m. Inferno