Setting up a College & GenPub Gaming Club / eSports League

Setting up a College & GenPub Gaming Club / eSports League

Hello all.

I am setting up an official, college-represented gaming club / esports league at my college. Interest is phenomenal including one of the four IT professors. The college will throw as much as $7,000 at it.

I am looking for advice as to how to organize it. Ideas are being brainstormed. They include bylaws (in progress via templates), best multiplayer and best non-competitive games including single player and/or console (many like smash bros), fun events/rules (e. g. officers’ secret handshake, mt dew chugging contest), etcetera.

Cool names for executive officers instead of president, vp, secretary, treasurer.
Officers and names needed for:

  1. Someone to select games;
  2. a server admin (e. g. club minecraft server);
  3. communications (see below);
  4. event dates and locations;
  5. tournament brackets;
  6. prize outreach
  7. Others?

A code of conduct: have fun and be kind. competitively, Show No Mercy (and see rule #1.
Yearly fees, free for college students, public can join for $25 yearly ($15 alumni).
Monthly (required by the college) and annual meetings.
One meeting/year member participation requirement?
Probation system including habitual offenders can be expelled.
Other rules?

Recruitment posters.

Membership cards.
Miniature Constitution/Bylaws Printouts.

A good website precut for any of:
Tournament Bracket Generator.
A Ranking system, unlocking higher discord rooms or forum boards for members of rank.
Match Schedules.
Member Roster (linked) / Games Played.

Team Name.
A Coat of Arms.

A collection of good eSports websites?
PCPartPicker / UserBenchMark
Twitter / Mixer / ?

PC Mod awards.
Art or other awards.

Someone said use Trello, others said Discord.
A Forum

We will have a Formation Event including three horses, chocolate fountain, etc. (side note, they’ll be three inches tall).

Any ideas?


I’d try to help you, because I’ve been struggling with this problem before but on a rather smaller scale. 3 years ago there wasn’t as many tools as now.

How do I understand it is an offline tournament in its entirety or some stages are played through the internet? If not, it may be worthwhile to think that some of the stages are played through the net. This reduces costs in my opinion

But I don’t quite understand. Are you looking for people for these positions or do you think you should organize it this way? Do you have something planned?

Maybe something like that? I just found out, but I don’t know what it looks like, so I won’t tell you anything else. It looks like it can help you with most of what you need, but you have to check. Plus, I don’t see any price list, and I don’t like it.

But it looks like it’s more for big events. I guess the platform would be better for you:


But this collection of esports pages you need for yourself or for the participants? I don’t really understand what you want to achieve?

There’s a lot of communicators, I would personally choose Slack

Do you have any webside of this event ?


Generally, check it out. Nice and intuitive tool


Due to rules four executive officers are required, President, VP, Sec., Treas. I intend to rename them, e. g. Overlord, Vice Admiral, etc. Just looking for recommendations for mythical ranking. appears to be a software design company trying to specialize on tournaments. They don’t showcase any completed projects and the five cards at the top overlap text. looks to be a great start, if not somewhat specialized to tournaments. Likewise for

The collection of websites need is twofold: to better research what the club/team should accomplish, and to link the sites themselves on our forum or website.

The communications platforms are needed for organization and member (players) communications.

Thank you for all of the great info. and assistance.

Promising, thanks much!

Actually, I wonder what you want to achieve? Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. So you take a spreadsheet, write down the tables and write down the rules, team schedules and everything is clear to most.

Do you want to automate some tasks or process data in some way ? Or maybe you want some kind of CRM-style management system but typically for event organization ?

Yes the idea is a CRM system for clubs. Back fifteen years ago we had a great setup with everything in one site. I was hoping something modern exists.

I’ve seen something like this lately, but I don’t know if you’re looking for it. Everyone can create their own team of organizations or look for that team for themselves. You can have different roles. But it’s certainly not the complete system you’re looking for. You have to check it yourself because I wasn’t working on it.

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Maybe these tools will help. Whether it works and how it works. I don’t know. Haven’t used it. - free - free and premium - paid - joomla / wordpress extension , paid