Riot Games announced a new Teamfight Tactics tournament on 1-21 December 2020

We can surely say that this year the RIOT & Partners set the highest bar in history!

Fandom in alliance with Riot Games and State Farm announced the event which is scheduled for December 1, 2020. Teamfight Tactics has gathered in a large League of Legends fan base with nearly 40 million players per month, so the new partnership could be of enormous benefit to all the organizations involved.

On schedule (December 1, 5, 12 and 19, with a Twitch finale of December 21), the tournament will feature 16 players competing weekly for a $2,000 prize pool with a $5,000 top prize pool.

Fandom Sean Kiely’s Chief Sales Officer for Games and Sports announces that the freshly scheduled tournament "will open the way for new and upcoming talent to make a name for themselves online. Riot has been a partner of State Farm since 2018, after the company became a sponsor of the League of Legends.

Riot Games has been busy beginning 2019, also announcing the launch of the Dutch and Belgian LOL esports leagues and the award of the title: Head of Global Esports Partnerships & Business Development will be on the list of Adweek’s 2019 Young Influentials.