Recent transfers / departures of players

20-28 August 2019

DuBu has left Fnatic

Last season DuBu created part of Fnatic, after Major EPICENTER 2019 he takes the place of TI9 13-16 instead of TI9. Currently he is looking for a club.

Captain Vici Gaming, Fade Pan Yu does not go to the RNG and yet resign.

He joined Vici Gaming in September 2018. He won the season 11 EPICENTER and Major DreamLeague Season 11, as well as 5-6th place in the International 2019.

According to unconfirmed reports, Fade was associated with a small transfer scandal involving Royal Never Give Up team.

Nikobaby and Ninjaboogie left Mineski

Nikobaby joined Mineski in June 2019 and together with his team went through the regional qualification in Southeast Asia to take part in the World Championship in Shanghai.

The captain of Mineski is also looking for a new team. Ninjaboogie started his career in 2012. He played for Rave and TNC Predator. In March 2019 he returned to the Philippine club and became captain. Under his leadership, they won regional qualification for The 2019 International. The team was eliminated from the tournament after losing to Team Secret with a 1:2 score during the playoffs.

What about the Minsk player? Ryan Bimbo Jay Kwai wrote on Twitter that he was leaving but the organization did not comment on the statement of support. Anything else known? Why did he leave?

After a longer research period…

According to unconfirmed information, Fade wanted to achieve from the leadership of Vici Gaming, higher wages and therefore he continued to go on to Royal Never Give Up.

However, there are other theories as to why a promising player suddenly decided to retire. A precondition for the scandal was the position of director of Newbee in Weibo, that some Chinese clubs are an unfair policy towards other teams in the region. According to him, these illegal clubs are trying to bribe players and supporters.

Clubs want to put pressure on the opponent - insult teams and players in social networks. This phenomenon is becoming more and more common.

There is a theory that Fade is really planning a transition but because of the unexpected publicity the whole RNG turned away from the player and didn’t want to destroy its own brand.

Another option is that Fade is simply afraid of the pressure that everyone expects from him.

He chooses a better, lighter path for a professional player.

Interesting, just tell me. What is the truth?