Ninja leaves Twitch and goes to the Mixer

Hello all! Is this good place to news ??? Btw howto join this band ?

A Great personality as a streamer from the game Fortnite Ninja leaves Twitch and goes to the Mixer platform. All this for the money !!! What do you think ??? ;/;/;/


By the way, this short video is great!

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A controversial but technically good move. On the one hand, sadly, on the other hand, it is as true as money can rule us without being aware of it…

Most of us in his place would have done exactly the same thing.
Just as Twitch did a lot for Ninja, the Ninja also paid back to Twich’s good reach and awareness.

It can’t really be measured or evaluated. Just Life.


Well, now we need to train and instruct others :wink: