Nights with the stars series - Warcraft 3

Nights with the stars series - Warcraft 3

It’s great that the scene of my favorite game is really getting a new life. For a few years now, changes have been seen. The last blizzard decision to reactivate helped. What blizzard himself has done and what less hope he will do, I leave to others to judge. But there is always community, and it is the community that keeps this cult game alive. That’s why I’m happy to watch my favorite players play like this in the good old days. Who would have thought that there used to be a replay from some Chinese website wc3 and now I can watch it commented on.

Here we have
Grubby & Kendric who comments on the match. Hitman (Orc) vs. TeRRoR (UD)

These cycles are a really good initiative. We want more from other stars too!