"New" warcraft 3 hit or bullshit?

What do you think? Do you like the new look?
Will the blizzard stop at such cosmetic changes or will it do something extra?

For now I have extreme feelings…
this is human

Warcraft3 has always been one of the best RTS game. Nothing will change that. The fact that we have a remake is only a plus. It’s a pity that it’s so late. But it’s better to thread it late at all. Surely many people waited for the continuation of this game and completely new WC4 but…

But the new one is not always better. Look what happened to the cult title like Heroes of Might and Magic ?

Everybody still prefers the old good and classsic HEROES 3 - what’s interesting - even the young generations

Blizzard company is to a wake-up call. They have noticed how much they have lost through their own fault. And to think that the league of legends is practically an idea of using the warcraft 3 engine by fans (look DOTA).

A lot of mistakes. And now the company is trying to save the situation.

You could say - better late than never. For fans of this game it is always a plus. Isn’t it a little too late not to regain the trust of the old players but rather to fight the best again?

about the WC3 . It doesn’t look bad. But that’s rather my subjective opinion.

Blizzard misses the trends :smiley:

Elon Musk knows what’s good :joy: