My LEC 2020 tips and prediction

My LEC 2020 tips and prediction

2 matches have already gone as I thought they would, I decided to share my insights into selected LEC matches.

LEC Spring , game Team Vitality vs Origen // Friday -0 7 Feb, 2020 - 21:00
My prediction : Origen

I chose a match where I am relatively convinced of the Origen form. One loss so far to a tycoon like G2. The team is a definite favorite in this competition. They are self-confident and have strong players. Each of them is complementing each other. Vitality hasn’t won this season yet. Nine games that were average. What happened to this team? Is that a problem in their heads ?

there was a Kikis in this team before and I think this team lost a lot without this player. We now have two contestants on same MID position - Saken and Milica. But maybe it was a mistake and we should think about one but a tier 1 player ?? On the one hand, vitality is not defenseless, but I think today is too early for them …

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