More than 30 million views with DOTA 2019 International

The International 2019 helps Dota 2 generate the most hours watched for any game in one week on Twitch, so far this year.

The best content on Twitch on 19-25 August:

For comparability, the explosion of EA Apex Legends generated more than 30 million hours

of viewing for two weeks in a row, but never reached 34 million hours of viewing for Dota 2! Amazing.

This is what the audience chart looks like since the beginning of the year for DOTA2:
From January to August 2019:

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Okay, but that doesn’t change the fact that this month’s most views and so have two games: Fortnite and League of Legends:

The Major tournament in Germany is not over yet and it is still much lower. Even Overwatch wins!

That’s almost three times the difference to Fortnite!

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