[ Loot League] BPro vs Nordavind 04.09. 2019 , 18:55

Match: BPro vs Nordavind 04.09. 2019 , 18:55

Pick: BPro
Odds: 2.08
Stake: 1.10
Bookie: BETJOE


I bet here on the Bulgarian team. Nordavind changes players too often. These players can’t get along with each other because they don’t even have whips when they do. Even if they were very talented players, they are only average. In my opinion team, not only has a stronger composition but also better morale and organization in the young team.


BPRO wins the second round 16:5 and that’s definitely it. I played it myself and we are waiting for the 3rd map!


It’s a good and fierce game. The second game is definitely in favor. Applause for good intuition.
money earned :+1:

2:1 Won :green_circle:

they played a really good competition, and the most important thing is that it’s a plus. At times it was hot but the team pretended to be able to fight for the top places in the league