LBET Invitational // Natus Vincere vs Invictus // 26 Dec 2019, 13:00

LBET Invitational // Natus Vincere vs Invictus // 26 Dec 2019, 13:00
5.0 2

Tournament LBET Invitational

Match: Natus Vincere vs Invictus , Tomorrow 13:00
Pick: Natus Vincere Euro Handicap+1.5
Odd: 1.73
Bookie: Pinnacle
Stake: 3/10

Both teams have already played with each other and you could see how fierce these matches will be from the very beginning. Today Invictus lost 2-1 in the last match but should not win at all. They played very inconsistently not only in the second map but also the whole match - they should not have won. The rival was very weak and the whole match was so much lower

On the other hand, the last match was a really good performance by the Russians. So far Invictus has lost at least one map in every match and that’s why I choose a safe bet with +1.5 handicap. Natus Vincere Junior will want revenge and has great potential to win the whole battle. The odds are almost 4! If you like the risk maybe worth it? A lot depends on the choice of maps, so if we follow and analyze it well it will also make sense to play LIVE.

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Match lost but bet won. The Na`Vi Junior even brought the rival to the Mirage, which was quite a stunt. I already thought they had the match. But I still congratulate the good bet


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