Is Astralis unrivalled in the upcoming ECS 8?

Is Astralis unrivalled in the upcoming ECS 8?

We got to know the groups and who will play with whom in the first matches, but it is also worth to look at the history of the finals.

It seemed that this year, Lukas “Gla1ve” Rossander and his team will play as sensationally as last year, when they won many tournaments, but this year showed that you can also win with Astralis. The only question is whether it’s not to make the winnings meaningless. Or otherwise. How much did Astralis really play involved and how much did it not?

The Danes won the hat-trick by winning the three finals of the Esports Championship Series. This is not a classic hatrick in the first half of the game (translate into football jargon = win in a row). The first one was a win in the second season, where they beat Optic Gaming with 2:0 in the finals, followed by a win in the fifth season, where they beat American Team Liquid players with 2:0 in the finals. In the sixth season, they were also the best in the finals and defeated the Brazilian MIBR team with a 2:0 in the finals.

So far, Danny “Zonica” Sorensen’s charges are the only team to win three tournaments in the final Esports Championship Series.

Surely each team will play for the victory, but the Danes will want to show that their presentation of form is high, although in their group they don’t have any very demanding rivals except for the very strong Swedish team this year - the Fnatic team.

The Esports Championship Series Season 8 Finals start this week.

Astralis isn’t as strong as everyone thinks it is. Their individual skills are very similar to those of Liqid Team or Fnatic players. This is my subjective opinion only.

Their main strength is that they follow the punch. That they are still training hard on their mentality. Their strong strength is that they are aware of their shortcomings and that they will not always be at the top.

Astralis can balance the amount of training and the time needed for regeneration. We can also see that they do not always approach the match 100% when the tournament is not the highest rank. I think that this is also important and even necessary. You have to have time to reset even during a tournament. You don’t always have to win the battle. They know how to win a war. Are they the favorites here? And yes and no. Astralis is no longer hungry to win this league for the fourth time. And only they know how prepared they are for this finals.