How to start streaming esport?

How to start streaming esport?

A streamer that plays and teaches or just a commentator ?

Every game you play or comment on is like an esport. Sometimes a lot of it is missing and sometimes it would be enough to add a second player and possibly some prize pool and the audience can get excited… Even on a small scale - but still. Before you start your career in video game streaming, you should decide which game you’ll be playing and what kind of streamer you’ll be. Will you be a person who entertains others or someone who will inspire others and maybe even teach them valuable things?

The choice is yours. You can choose the easier way or not. Just remember that the so-called shortcut route does not exist. There is always something for something. The more you give, the more you get in the future.

My greatest advice - Trust your intuition.

I know it sounds banal, but it is. We often make it difficult for ourselves to do what we can. And the answers to many questions have long been written down

So theoretically you can do anything. To be a teacher, an entertainer. You can create tutorials, comment on matches or bet on them and share your analysis. But you can just play and that’s it. You don’t have to think about anything. You don’t have to plan anything. Completely spontaneous. Of course, you can do it all, but like all of us you only have 24 hours a day.

Remember that each of your decisions creates completely different options to choose from. Every time you have to choose what you do best or what you really need to spend time on. Decide which way to go alone.

Do you choose the game you love or the popular one

Streaming a popular game seems to be the best way to start. After all, many people watch it. A lot of people know the game. There’s no need to explain anything. You just play and people watch it. In theory, that sounds great.

In practice. It’s very difficult now. Which doesn’t mean impossible. You have to look for the right strategy or come up with your own way to get noticed. How you manage to show the world a little bit. You’re on your way. On a very good road. But you can wait a very long time for results. Patience must be your strength. Of course, assuming you don’t have millions of dollars to invest, advertise or help third parties promote. I think it is not easy to understand when reading this guide that it is aimed at people who want to be successful from scratch.

If I were to choose and love a game in which the tournaments are most important I would choose a well-known game but typically esport-game . That’s, for example, a popular LOL, CS or DOTA. Other genres are gaining more and more (for example R6 and Overwatch) . Why? The market still lacks analysts and experts who can skillfully assess and analyze the facts of a match or a tournament.

But we won’t cheat. In the beginning it will always be very difficult to get fans, even if the game is still a great fun.
Even if you have the ability to attract spectators. Even if you have acting skills. Often it won’t do you any good. At the very beginning you have to count on other aspects.

What is most important to start esport streaming well?

The answer sounds like it always depends:

It’s hard if you don’t have a background. You don’t have a group on facebook, a multi-fan page or a twitter profile. You have nowhere to advertise right away. You don’t have the funds or the skills to promote.

Then I would advise

  • Choose the right game. It should be niche.

The more original the genre is, the better. Thanks to this, you have the display of the curious at the very beginning, which is important even if these displays do not translate into followers. Why? Well, ranking and positioning is also dependent on popularity. It works like a snowball. But that is not the subject of this article. There will be an article soon on a more technical topic. You want to keep up to date. Sign up for our newsletter.

  • Have the right attitude from the beginning.

You must be original. You have to be yourself. But you must also stand out. Know your strengths. And try to flaunt them. Use everything you feel good about. Remember situations from school, from the backyard. When you felt great. You felt that others liked what you were doing and most importantly, you knew you were good at it.
You have to think for yourself. No one will give you a solution on a tray. Because there isn’t one. Everyone has a solution just for themselves. Though the “coaches” who are so serious will deny it, it doesn’t matter. They will deny it because they live off it and earn less or more ethically.

  • The most important thing. You must be hardworking !

Already experienced in the industry? You have many friends who can promote you. Do you have a well-known social media profile or have you been a professional player?

Streaming a very popular game is a good direction.

  • Rather only gives people who know what they want.

They’re 100% convinced of the game. And they know that they know it well. Or they know her. It doesn’t matter. What matters is love for the title itself.

  • Streaming a popular game is a much better choice if you already have the right knowledge.

If you are no stranger to the right methods of promotion. And best of all, you already have a database of people you can show off and who will like you more or less directly. As an Influencer you will be appreciated by your sponsors. You will get a better condition from your advertisers. But relax. There is time for everything. Don’t create a channel to think about money as your main fear. That’s not how it works.

  • Think about how you can find more potential viewers.

Sadly, the challenge of breaking through is, but it’s always and everywhere since the beginning of the world. Is it worth copying others? Not necessarily. It is worth imitating. Look. To draw inspiration. It’s worth finding a good idea. It’s worth denying and being open to the world around you. Sometimes an ordinary man on the street can come up with an original idea which nobody on business will give you on a tray!

What is the most important thing to be a Twitch star???

To get started. Start acting. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It never will ! In time, start to improve everything and improve. But at least by streaming something a hundred thousand people watch at once, you increase your chances.

Generally speaking, the best game to start streaming is the one where you are the best or the one you bring the most value to. Every game has its consequences - some are big and some are small, but everyone is a spectator and everyone wants to have fun.

Of course, there is no tried and true recipe. Streaming is a process of trial and error and the sooner you start, the better. You will make mistakes and learn through it all, but once you learn what happens, when you start to notice significant improvements.

And we start with the issue of finance.

It’s not hard to guess that the money’s a lot easier. It always has. In every industry. But it’s always been known that the best results and the best results have people with real PASSION and not money. Money can’t be a priority, it can’t be the driver of your promotion all the time. That’s right - the money can help a lot. But even more so - your attitude and your time combined with effective learning of what will help you to excel. Knowledge and your growth is the key. He’s the one who’s worth it most!

Let’s not hide that it’s much better to have a daily microphone. A better computer. High-speed Internet. Much better to “buy displays.” Buy an ad and so on. Many will tell you " Invest in good equipment" . Of course, much better only in theories. Because in practice, the organic gives much better results. Think where you like to shop? Where you see an advertisement on TV all the time or where after years you simply prefer to buy. No matter why. You buy and that’s it. You don’t have to have reasons, although subconsciously of course you have them.

Lack of high quality from the technical point of view is a turning point for many potential viewers.

Many won’t give you a chance and you can’t blame them for it. Free choice.
The good news is that the equipment you brought in doesn’t cost much. You don’t have to have the top and best. Decent equipment can even be your phone in your hand. But that’s a topic for another article that’s about to be published soon.

The average viewer is used to high quality sound and picture. It complicates things a bit if you start, but you should try to meet their “requirements” as much as possible. Each of us is used to a certain standard. These standards change with time. They’re getting bigger. But that’s how it evolves. Man is constantly evolving.

Are you growing with us or have you given up?

What equipment to buy ? I’m sorry, but I’m not a computer technical expert.
Or maybe I am. But not enough to advise you.

The audience’s trust is the most important thing. Focusing the audience’s attention for longer is the key to success. You have to be patient. It takes time to build up the audience and the entire fan community. Over time your channel will be able to be more relaxed. Depending on the characteristics of the channel you should also be able to change the game without any problems. It all depends on how much you identify yourself with one title a

Many of your fans won’t be watching you for the sake of the game (although they are). You are the one who attracts people to the game. Your way of being, your way of contact and relationship with the audience and what content you feed them. If you give them enough fun they will stay with you for better or worse. Just stay with yourself - it is very important!

Don’t give up, because especially at the very beginning it will be terribly hard. Think about how much time you want to spend on streaming.
Think about whether it’s worth doing it an hour a day or much more often. Everything has its pros and cons. You don’t play games alone. Remember that too.

Sometimes less but better. Maybe it’s enough to talk to players fairly systematically and to run a social channel or a website in parallel? There are many different options to create great new connections - not necessarily just on Twitch and not necessarily just virtually, over the Internet.

You’ll have 100% doubt.

They won’t stop soon. You’ll see it can be a heavy piece of bread. You can’t give up.
Well, I guess you don’t have to repeat those caching “wisdom.” You know that yourself. If you want something, the whole world will help you. And if you do something good and change the world for the better, I’m gonna straighten out the heavy God himself. Or something else if you’re an unbeliever.

Prepare yourself for the unfavorable people. You will be offended. You’ll be stupid. They’ll laugh at you.

So what?

What matters is that you do what you want. The important thing is that there are people who are cheering you on and who like what you do. And even if it’s a few people. Maybe even just for them?

Stress, haters and unfriendly people are part of every job and you won’t change that. There is good. There’s evil, too.

Of course it’s very important to analyze what you’ve done. Your progress. The feedback from people watching you is very important. Listen to them. Check the particularly negative comments. You can find out the most from them and thanks to that your channel will grow. Believe it. You can learn a lot from every person. It’s worth remembering.

Sometimes it’s also worth changing something completely. Strategies, approach to the viewer and maybe also the game. Check and test but don’t do it by force or chaotically. Calm and regularity is the key!

Perseverance and faith in building the image of the player or esports analyst!


I can never break through to start streaming. For me the biggest problem is to show up in front of the camera.
Although I know that, I can start without it just playing and that’s it. But still. There is such competition that playing alone will not pass. You have to be able to show yourself in front of an audience. It’s good to show yourself in front of the audience. And of course you have to be yourself.

But I always explain that it’s not for me and I’m too old to play in front of the camera. Who would want to watch a 44-year-old “grandpa” ? After all, it would probably just be some kind of fun and mockery to me. Or maybe I’m thinking wrong and I’m just explaining myself


I remember those old days when streaming wasn’t so popular and hardly anyone thought it would be such a profitable industry. It’s no secret now that Twich is the main competitor… Netflix

I’m giving an example not yet streamer but more youtuber who started to create funny compilations of the famous game - league of legends. He started like everyone else but quite quickly gained recognition and millions of views. And all this thanks to the unique setting and its specific and humorous show. You could really have fun with his films. Of course, the content itself was original but also simple - the guy was just himself and used the skills he had “at hand”

see for yourself :smiley:

A video had 12 million vievs and I remind you that it was 2013. League of legends existed on the market only for 3 years.