How to join into esports insider elite?

How to join into esports insider elite?

The closed area is unavailable to unregistered users. It is 100% free. It is not public and information cannot be taken out.

How you can be part of our growing eSports family ?

  • Regularly participate in the desired and familiar category. Your commitment is appreciated. If you are crazy about the game - do not hesitate to build this place

  • Make a profit in the whole month by giving a minimum of 10 tips/bets in sports games with a meaningful analysis (it does not have to be long - it should be justified and reasonable.

  • Apply as a moderator, show your own initiative, join as an official supporter of the forum.
    Remember that as a junior moderator you will not get immediate access to the closed section. A minimum of 1 month of internship and help to maintain order on the forum is required.