How the audience of MOBA - League of legends increases in 2017 - 2019

How the audience of MOBA - League of legends increases in 2017 - 2019

I’ve been posting a short statistical summary of my favorite escort for a few good years.

After the release of Teamfight Tactics there has been a big increase in the number of major League of Legends players. New players are not only checking the game, but are also interested in the LOL itself.

The number of spectators in the League of Legends is also increasing. The League of Legends recorded a + 1/5 increase in Twitch and YouTube viewership in the first half of 2019, both in the previous year and in the previous year. Such a result is a really big achievement of RIOT, still a solid and strong growth is something that much bigger companies and giants of the gaming market dream of.

source: newzoo

In terms of the total number of hours of average viewership we have an increase of +40%.
And this is more than 2x the increase when comparing these figures for 2017 and 2018. The main driver of the big increases are the most important matches of the best teams in the world during the finals in the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds)

How does this spread out over the different stages of the most important tournament? Of course, the Final as in any sport and e-sport will attract the most. The previous stages have equally impressive results

  • Finals: +60%
  • Group stages: +51%
  • Semi-finals: +41%
  • Quarter-finals: +30%.