How do we provide tips for any esports matches

How do we provide tips for any esports matches

These guidelines apply to the #bettings-talks:insider-picks-and-analyses category.

Other departments will be reorganised somewhat in the coming weeks. We don’t have moderators for all the games yet. If you feel motivated to join us - write PW before it becomes too late

Each new topic must start with the name and preferably with the abbreviation of the league or tournament to which the match refers.

This means that we determine whether it is an International 2019 or StarLadder Berlin tournament or a league level tournament such as LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea).

Generally you can use the whole name but better (for clarity) if you use a shortcut. So it can be too even:
[StarLadder - Berlin 2019] , but you can also write:
[Berlin 2019]

[International 2019]
[Main 2019]

It should be legible and easy to guess what it is all about.
As a tag we choose a given game which is affected by the type. There is only a few available tags.
For example for Major2019 in cs:go choose #counter-strike and if a game is missing, select the tag: #other

Thus, the title of the topic should be as follows:

[league/tournament] Match (Team names) + Starting date

*times are given in the European time zone GMT +2 (its important! )

Please follow these instructions to make it easier for yourself and others to use the types on the forum. As a last resort, if you give the time in another time zone, please inform them!

The appearance of the topic itself also needs to be consistent. Each new topic has its own template which looks like this:

Match: and Date: For example: Fnatic - Team Liquid, Today, 20 Aug 2019, 11:30

Pick: , Your bet , any handicap in brackets for example: Fnatic to win (-1,5).
Stake: from 1 to 10 for example: 1/10
Odds: Provide decimal odds for example: 1.85
Bookie: The bookie you’re playing at for example: Bet365


The analysis doesn’t have to be long. It is important to be concise and relevant. The reason why you play this way is important. As insiders and recruiting the best to the zone we take into account the unconventional and non-standard information. Diseases, bad atmosphere in the organization. Maybe financial problems? Or maybe some kind of conflict in the team among players. Conflict of interests? Factors can be really many.

Are there any rules regarding the rank of matches and competitions? Could they be from regional local leagues and tournaments?

There are no restrictions. You can bet on all matches as long as they are available at any bookmaker. Soon we will create an appropriate template how to properly and promptly enter esport tips and write analyses to help other players win against the bookmaker.

We will indicate and facilitate counting esports picks as well as keeping own statistics of effectiveness, profit counting and profitability.