GamesBeat Summit 2020 - April 28-29 in Los Angeles, CA

600 Executives & Business Practitioner // 100 Speakers // 50 Sessions
Location: Two Bit Circus - Los Angeles, CA

You can join us as a speaker until 31 January 2020! Join the official website:

The GamesBeat platform is designed for the leaders of the gaming industry with interesting perspectives for the future of the whole world of e-sport.

The GamesBeat Summit is the most intimate event in the e-gaming world that encourages real conversations, networking and partnerships.

The 2020 Summit will make everyone aware of how many opportunities and opportunities there are now and reveal a wider range of possibilities.

You will find out e.g:

  • How companies can best navigate through these changes to new machines
  • Explore new markets and new business models

GamesBeat Summit is a mass of inspiration and knowledge about the gaming industry.

  • There is no fee to sign up for the event.
  • Speakers will receive a free admission ticket to the event.
  • Space is limited.