Esports is attractive for best schools according to Extreme Networks and eCampus New!

More than 70% of schools around the world are considering introducing an esports program to

increase the number of applicants, develop their facilities and better prepare students for the job market, according to the latest research.

In a study involving 281 top-notch technical schools and universities worldwide,

20% of schools have an e-gaming program and nearly 3/4 are considering e-sports teaching in the future.

Only 9% of the respondents

are not interested in the e-gaming program. The results emphasize the dynamics of the e-sport market

Esport is definitely a great plus in marketing for every school.

Openness to the world of gaming and tournament competition translates into increased recruitment and retention of students, better integration at universities and even better preparation of students for the job market.

One-fifth of the surveyed schools

already offer scholarships and financial support to future esports enthusiasts and pro gamers, and more than half of the surveyed schools are open to this idea.

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