[ESL Pro League] Natus Vincere vs Fnatic , Today 16:00 (7.12.2019)

[ESL Pro League] Natus Vincere vs Fnatic , Today 16:00 (7.12.2019)

Match: (CS) Saturday · 07 Dec, 2019 // 16:00

Pick: Fnatic to win

Odds: 2.2
Stake: 1/10
Bookie: Fonbet


Individual skills are more or less similar, but Fnatic can match on more maps and that’s why I think he has a big advantage over this account. Besides, Fnatic has a better and thoughtful strategy of choosing maps and better organize yourself on maps that don’t suit them. However, it is really difficult to predict the result. It is most likely that there will be more than 2.5 maps because both sides seemed to be strong on their maps. Navi will forbid Mirage so I bet that the decisive battle will be the Overpass map. Navi is also slightly favored on this map. Natus Vincere did not yet play against a strong team in this tournament and therefore their results make them look very good. Bookmakers are mistaken and do not take into account the fact that in the phase of the group Natus Vincere s much better. Fnatic starts slowly but accelerates with the tournament

For the safe game Over2.5. For risk takers like me I play Fnatic (as for not half and half and 2.20 makes a difference).

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The first match of Fnatic has already led 7:1 to 14:16.

Now the second map of Fnatic has a big advantage, let’s hope he doesn’t lose this map as before!


15:9 !

When I look at the coach of the fnatic team I am afraid that the pressure on them is far too high. Skills and form are but the head mentally can’t stand it. I also played Fnatic but anything can happen.

1:2 :mask:
gg no re
nice one GJ