ESEA MDL // Demolition Crew vs Singularity // 18.02 17:00

ESEA MDL // Demolition Crew vs Singularity // 18.02 17:00
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Match: Demolition Crew vs Singularity // Tuesday · 18 Feb, 2020 · 17:00

Pick: Demolition Crew
Odds: 1.72
Stake: 3/10
Bookie: buffbet


I suppose the odds after the first match change depending on the outcome of the matches an hour before. And I feel that it will end well for Demolition Crew and then the odds will be lower than yesterday. Yesterday, an average of 1.45 on strong favorites and today we have 1.75. It is profitable to play for this team because it is much better organizationally and this fact is not changed by the last team results. There were changes in the team in my opinion very good and this team will finally show its potential. And today, it doesn’t exactly have to work hard.

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lol odds went sky high :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is just wondering why many large bookmaking companies have blocked and withdrawn their offers like coolbet, ggbet, bet365, betvictor, 18bet . Too much money was placed and the situation was risky. History knows such cases

match moved to 18 February 17:00