Emotional clashes await us - New Legend Stage

After the brief recess of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive resumes the New Legend Stage with StarLadder Berlin Major. This new installment of Valve game is full of questions. Team Liquid, currently the highest in the HLTV ranking, is a favourite team. French team Vitality and Astralis have to go very far according to the rationale.

The NBK teammates have gained a lot of trust over the past few months and they might as well go the whole way. In the case of Astralis the opposite is true. The previous expeditions have been complicated and the training has to be completed very quickly. The ENCE or G2 trio can create a surprise. We will see you in a little over fifteen days to know the result of the competition.

But, Let’s agree that this yesterday’s meeting of the TL with Avangard was, nevertheless, rather average…

Who will be the next ?? Astralis WON 2:0 vs Liquid . But they’re in control. I admire them.

Semifinal pairs are known. This weekend will be hot :sunny: :sunny:

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Bands that few would think would reach the playoffs.

My favorites are NRG, the team is ready for the second semi-final. During their journey in this tuning, the team defeated the best teams in the world!

Today Magisk from Astralis played an amazing competition and gave no chance to Liquid players on the Overpass map although the players fought a fierce battle. Even so, it became a razor, but Emil “Magical” Reif became the deciding factor after the big game, especially in the second half of the map.

The semi-finals tomorrow. The teams that surprised us quite a bit - Renegades vs. Avangar - will start. The start at 15 o’clock.