Do you feel strong in the game?

Do you feel strong in the game?

What is our goal? Maximize your time for essential things and the concretes themselves.

We don’t want everything to be here. This is a place where you can easily find important information about a team or a player. We want you to be able to easily reach the most interesting matches or the most recent changes in the game.

What is important in terms of good value on this esports forum?

  • Important transfers
  • Summaries of key events in the esports scene
  • Popular mentions on the internet
  • Original comments
  • Players’ reactions
  • Epic moments
  • Funny stuff.
  • Something from you. Something unique and valuable.

What we don’t want ?

  • Every piece of news on the web.
  • Spam and insignificant information

How do I start? Just create an account and start writing. It’s not the quantity that counts, it’s the quality. Write only what is important to you. You can also contact me in a private message. We are open to any suggestions. This place is meant to serve you