Congratulations to Team Liquid , Team Secret finishes International 2019 in fourth place!

Today’s Team Secret opponents turned out to be a higher class. Kuroky, just like Puppey, is the last of the players who took part in all of The International. So he has a huge baggage of experience, which today turned out to be invaluable.

The Secret Team of the game has already lost in drafts. Quite comfortable choices for Team Liquid players were tailored to the tactics of Puppey’s line-up. Kuroky, taking advantage of small imperfections in the rivals’ composition, played Team Liquid’s first game with a set of heroes that allowed him to win quickly.

In the second game we had a Team Liquid advantage from the start thanks to the crowd’s control over the rivals. The last hope was in the 28th minute, where we saw a very long skirmish. As we all saw, Team Liquid continues to play!