Can sport be digital? What exactly is eSport? Or maybe e-sport? Does it matter?

Is e-sport a sport?

eSports have only recently gained full international recognition, and there is still dispute as to whether eSports can be considered a sport. This concept is an important issue not only when defining eSports, but also when defining their scope, which we understand as a sport in general. Well, it seems that many (especially fans of “traditional” games) believe that eSports is a field that can not be called sport, because their physical fitness or finesse do not measure the competences of players, because athletes seem to be sitting at their chairs. What’s more, the player’s body and physical activity are still an essential element of overall sports activity.

Actually, what is an E sport?

eSports is a way of doing sports in which the underlying assumptions of a sport discipline are supported by electronic systems, i.e., mainly computers and consoles. Shortly, it will be more and more mobile devices or smartphones. Everything indicates, however, that such a device will become physically unnecessary. Entertainment and especially competition in games can be transferred entirely to the so-called Cloud. " In other words - we will be able and actually can play on equipment located at the other end of the world.

This explosion came a long time ago

But then it wasnt possible yet. There were Internet cafes. Then more and more permanent Internet connections. More and more devices and network solutions. Computer games, or in fact, so-called e-gaming is the most intensely growing form of media-driven by the growing popularity of games and streaming. Estimates showed already in 2013, i.e., six years ago (we are 2019), 70 million people watched the entertainment called Esport today. Who would have thought that we would watch others play when we can play alone! And that it’s quite a lot of fun !!

The form of professional playing

As such, esports in itself can vary considerably depending on the species. In dance games, player may be physically deprived of interaction with the computer and also while playing cards where, as we know, for many card games we don’t need computers at all. Much depends on the characteristics of each game. eSports are focused by specific game genres, such as the very popular multiplayer online battle arenas (Dota 2 & League of Legends, ), Shooting games (e.g., Number 1 in the world - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) collector’s card games ( Hearthstone ) and strategic (Warcraft 3)

The similarity of rivalry to traditional sport

The main difference between sport and eSports is that the actions of a player or team determine the sporting performance in the “real world.” In traditional sport, all activities are determined based on the results of the players themselves. The same is true for electronic games with one difference. For some, it is big, and for others, it is insignificant. In e-Sports, the actions that determine the results take place in the virtual world. A man works, but it is the machine that processes these actions and returns the given “result” accordingly.

So, why the E SPORT?

The essential aspects of the sport continue to exist even though electronic systems facilitate them. Information conditioning the start, the course of the game, and the dependent result depending on the skills of the competitor. These skills depend on many factors, including reflexes, speed of reaction, the ability to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time. Isn’t it similar in football from this point of view? Players improve their “legs” and players improve their “fingers.” And here we have trainers, psychologists, consultants, managers. Here start to appear high pay, numerous sponsors, and vast and gigantic prize pools in tournaments!

(Un)Virtual fans on the e-stadium

Live viewers and supporters drive eSports on the Internet. As in the stadium, interaction with the team is not limited to watching the event. Viewers or fans or supporters of a player or team are actively involved. To participate in social interactions, they communicate with each other in the blink of an eye all over the world.

Why are people so excited about e-sports?

And why do people get excited about how 22 people run on the pitch for 90 minutes behind one ball?

Conflict between generations

With the rapid growth of e-gaming, electronic sport is becoming a “normal” phenomenon among the older generation. People growing up without access to the Internet will start to notice many similarities. Despite a complete lack of recognition and knowledge of technology, they see the same behavior and factors determining competition at the level of the traditional sport.

A new form of e media

E-gaming is also increasingly seen as a computer-based form of media communication. All sporting activities are digitally transmitted without the need for additional objects. Hardware and Internet access are enough. More than one Twitch channel has more monthly impressions than the leading matches of the most important leagues and sports in the world. More spectators watched last year’s finals in the League of Legends than in the NBA 2018 finals.

Games are useful and thought-provoking

Playing computer games is becoming an increasingly exciting subject of media research and communication research. Moreover, the importance of gambling itself has increased. People began to notice the elements of competition from most computer games in their everyday lives. This element continually pushes us forward and allows us to improve ourselves faster and better. It is not known from today that we learn the best by playing. Not by constraint but with pleasure. And it is so useful!

This discussion has been ongoing for a very long time

Why is it so direct and so frequent to compare eSports with the factors of traditional sports? An appropriate form of gamification drives the incentives for each action. It is similar in the case of competition between computer players. There are the same excitement and the dramaturgy in the games. It is different because it concerns wholly new and different worlds with infinitely different potential rules of the game. And it is beautiful!

Waste of time and support for teams

Watching a light form of entertainment can be only a form of escape from everyday life. As in the case of football also same players, fans of games and fantasy, or gamblers betting on matches. Everyone can enjoy it but also get addicted to it dangerously! Remember that! Everything is for people, but everything is in moderation! You can gain knowledge related to e-sport as well as journalists and professional commentators and broadcasters. You can develop on many plateaus in this field. You can become an esport expert, an independent specialist in the game. You can analyze other teams or advise and teach others. But don’t forget God’s world. Remember that (e) sport is not everything! Please.

Enjoying the skills of a pro gamer

Social interaction with other fans of the same game adds to the additional endorphins. For every fan of a given game, the form, behavior or the way of expression of a professional player becomes attractive. The skills themselves certainly deserve recognition because they are the fruit of many sacrifices and hundreds of hours of difficult training. Such a player, like in sport, does not have to be an authority at all and here you should be careful. Nothing is the same as in front of the glass screen. And despite the fact that in the era of the Internet we are all more natural now. We do not have to pretend or comply with special regulatory and licensing requirements. Either way, in the Internet, we somehow create ‘another self’. Whether we want it or not. It is always a different version of us. Similarly, it is only with more significant power that it is influential personalities!

Think for yourself and trust your intuition

A little digression. Don’t let it get you crazy. Don’t force yourself to do what you think is right. Stay true to yourself and trust your intuition! Negate and question everything! Or maybe games are just a waste of time? Perhaps it is better to invest time in learning a difficult subject at school? Maybe it will be a much better investment of time that you will never get back? Everything has its pros and cons. Which way will this world go? Nobody knows that. You decide for yourself. Do not follow the blind crowd!