Call of Duty played charged with an innocent joke which caused senseless death

The whole situation and the police action were sick. The police surrounded the house with helicopters and police cars, and one guy, not even with a microphone, shouted “go this way”, and when he did nothing, the rest shot him and told the children to walk on his father’s corpse, pulling him out of the house.

19-year-old Ohio inhabitant, Casey Viner, who was charged with an innocent joke and received a 15-month prison sentence.

The jokers called the police in an attempt to surprise the unsuspecting victims. It all ended in a senseless death.

Casey Viner and his friend Tyler Barriss argued with their online rival Shane Gaskill in the game Call of Duty. To scare Gaskill, both Casey and Tyler called the SWAT unit to denounce their rival.

Disgusting, as in generalizing large groups of people, is a mistake. I know two people who were saved by the police. And now everything will be blamed on them. But who are the real culprits?


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15 months? Absurd . After all, this will only strengthen his belief that he will make a better washing machine for the cash register. On a bigger scale. Well, unless he’s got it in his head…

What is going on in this world? …

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