AVANGAR team from Kazakhstan climbed to 15th place in the world HLTV ranking

Previously, the team (and 4 players from Kazakhstan) was on the 27th line. Such progress was made possible by the historical exit from the series of “major” games.


with the world leaders of the ranking - American Liquid and French G2, as well as the Australian team Renegade.

Timur Tulepov, Daurena Kistaubayeva, Aydina Turlybekova and Alexei Golubiev together with the Russian captain li Jami will now play against the French team Team Vitality

I wonder how long the east will be chasing the west? Or maybe it will stay the same as in football? The money will be bigger and nothing will change that? I think Kazakhstan will be an exception to the rule, but only for a while…