Astralis Group plans to go on the stock exchange in 2019!

The company will announce further details, including a full prospectus in the coming weeks. They are owners of Origen (League of Legends), Astralis (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and Future FC (FIFA 19).

I put it in the Counter Strike section because undoubtedly it was the Danish team in this game that contributed the most to the gigantic growth of the whole company!

Co-founder and CEO of the Astralis Group, explained the entire Astralis Group and created a strong foundation and leadership position in many areas. Nikolaj Nyholm has no doubt that this is a natural turn of events and a very important moment for all the organisations belonging to the entire company.

Nyholm sees great potential in the further development of the Astalis Group’s products and activities around the world. The Company plans to use the proceeds of its Initial Public Offering (IPO) to invest in facilities, commercial and non-profit organisation, channels and media plaforms.

Another IEM and astralis will take it seriously.

In 8 hours first match vs VICI Gaming. Will there be easy gg no re ??
IEM Beijing 2019