About League of Legends - esports tycon

About League of Legends - esports tycon

League of Legends is a massive online battle arena (MOBA) based on the mechanics of the well-known map to Warcraft III - Defence of the Ancients. Riot Games has skillfully prepared new concepts and used the proven ideas of the Blizzard fan community.

League of Legends It is a network, team action/RPG where the fight takes place within the boundaries of a closed arena. The brainchild was taken from the Warcraft 3 add-ons - mainly from Dot. So we are dealing with a solution resembling the Defence of the Ancients, Demigod

Five-person teams take part in the game. Each player chooses one hero who cannot be repeated in the ranging mode and is chosen in the form of a drag (alternately). There are more than 100 heroes available in the game, but this number is constantly increasing. Riot companies have constantly improved the mechanics of the game, balance the heroes or fixes numerous bugs suggested by the community. 100% professionalism.

There are two skills to choose from in the pool of abilities available for each hero before the game. The stats are influenced by the specialties and runes chosen before the match. After multiple changes, the average duration of one game reaches 30 minutes. The developers focused on the tournament competition called Esperanto. In the following updates, another game mode has been added. The first one is 3vs3. The mode is much more dynamic. Besides, we also have the ARAM mode (All Random All Mid).

League of Legends is geared mainly for network battles, but you can also play in single-player mode to fight against an AI opponent. However, the essence is the online competition, where each player is classified as a divisional player and is systematically climbing higher and higher as his or her skills increase.